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A Study of Feto-Maternal Outcome in Patients with Prelabour Rupture of Membranes at Term (>37 Weeks)

Vaishnav J, Vaishnav G


To determine the fetomaternal out come in patients with premature rupture of membrane after 37 completed weeks, but before onset of labour. Prospective case control study of 66 patients. Incidence of PROM was 8.09 % during study period, 1.79 % applicable for study. No correlation found between PROM and delivery interval and mode of delivery. No correlation between mode of delivery and gravida status and labour induced with Misoprostol or not. 54.5 % (36) induced with Misoprostol 25µg and more, 7 (10.61%) developed minor side effects, like nausea in 6 (9.09%) patients and vomiting and fever (100.2ºF), 5(7.58%) patient. No significant difference in mode of delivery in cases and control. Mean PROM-delivery interval 11.67 hrs in induced versus 8.05 hrs in spontaneous group. Hospital stay in cases was 6.87 days, is higher in study group compare to controls, mostly due to antibiotics given to baby, so mother was kept ward. Neonatal CRP is significantly higher around 30.30 % & almost all required antibiotics. 20 babies had CRP and 2 had raised total count in case group. Only 1 baby in the case with MBA, kept in NICU for observation for one day. These are not comparable due to small sample size in the study.

Key words: PROM, Fetomaternal outcome, induction of labour

Med-Science. 2012; 1(2): 118-124

Medicine Science Vol:1 Issue:2 Year:2012 PP:77-160
Posted in Vol: 1 Issue: 2 Year: 2012 June pp: 77-160

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