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Lumbar spine and proximal femur BMD values in Turkish girls and the effect of precocious puberty on BMD.

Ersoy Kekilli, Mustafa Arif Aluçlu, Fatih Batı, İsmail Köksal


Previous studies have shown no impairment in bone mineral density in girls with precocious and early puberty. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of precocious puberty on BMD and to measure average bone mineral density in Turkish girls. Fourteen girls between the ages of 5-10 (7.57 ± 1.83 year) who had new diagnosed precocious and early puberty were included in this study. BMD was measured in the posterior-anterior projection at the lumbar spine and at the right hip using DEXA. Correlation analysis was performed among BMD in all sub-regions. According to age, new average BMD values of sub-regionals in lumbar spine and proximal femur were calculated by linear regression formula leading to an average value of the lumbar spine total BMD in normal population. According to new average ± SD BMD of all sub-regions, simulated new Z-scores of each girl in proximal femur and lumbar spine were calculated and statistically compared. We found significant Z-score correlation between proximal femur and lumbar spine (r=0.70 – 0.99). According to age, new average values of sub-regional BMD in lumbar vertebrae and proximal femoral sub-regions in Turkish girls were presented. Average spinal BMD values in Turkish girls were similar with western countries. We though that DEXA scan at lumbar spine, with the exception of some patients, may be enough for an accurate measurement in children.

Key words: bone mineral density, precocious puberty, lumbar spine, femur, age

Med-Science. 2012; 1(3): 188-199

Medicine Science Vol:1 Issue:3 Year:2012 PP:161-243
Posted in Vol: 1 Issue: 3 Year: 2012 September pp: 161-243

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