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A Sexually Abused Child Who Committed Suicide: Case Report

Fatma Yücel Beyaztaş, Celal Bütün, Fulya Feride Çağlar, Bahadır Özen


The sexual abuse of children is defined to be used for sexual satisfaction of an adult. In this case report forensic, and medical files of a 16-year-old girl who had committed suicide by drug overdose were investigated. It is learned that about 18 months ago she had began to date with her 20-year-old boy friend from the same village. At the beginning mutual tolerance, and willingness governed their love affair. However for the previous year she had been forced, threatened, and kidnapped for sexual intercourse. She had told that she couldn’t break up her relationship because of his fearful, and insulting threats, and subsequently she had been a victim of frequent sexual assaults. Finally, while she had been forced, and retained for a sexual intercourse in the barn, her family informed the legal authorities of her absence. When she had been found, she had declared that her boy friend gave him a glass of cola drink, and battered her on the neck, so she couldn’t recall everything fully. Her physical examination revealed signs of trauma on her head, and extremities, and her psychological, evaluation demonstrated a disordered mental health state because of sexual assaults she had been exposed to. She had been hospitalized in a psychiatry clinic, and discharged in ten days.
Five days after her discharge from the hospital, she attempted suicide by swallowing 24 different kinds of tablets routinely used by her grandmother. According to hospital records, despite appropriate treatment she had a cardiac arrest and died. It was concluded that the victim who had a history of sexual assault nearly two weeks ago, had died of visceral organ bleeding, and cardiac arrhythmia due to intake of multiple drugs with the intent of committing suicide.
The abuse case among the risky groups for suicide is an important public health problem. About the prevention of the sexual abuses and the suicides; education, treatment, social rehabilitation should be provided, and the safety precautions must be taken.

Key words: Child, abuse, sexually abuse, suicide, forensic medicine.

Med-Science. 2013; 2(1): 450-3

Medicine Science Vol:2 Issue:1 Year:2013 PP:363-499
Posted in Vol: 2 Issue: 1 Year: 2013 March pp: 363-499

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