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VDBP Gene Polymorphism in COPD

Sadan Soyyigit, Onur Baykara, Nur Buyru, Muzeyyen Erk


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a disease which genetic and environmental factors play an important role in COPD development. VDBP (Vitamin D Binding Protein ) gene might be responsible for COPD development. The purpose of this study to investigate the possible effect of VDBP on progression of COPD.
We studied VDBP genotypes in 75 COPD patients, 36 smoker healthy subjects and 19 non-smoker healthy subjects with PCR-RFLP method to analyze the association between VDBP and COPD. In our study, the most frequently seen genotype was 1S-2 with a frequency of 32% in COPD group; and 1F-1S genotype with a frequency of 33.3% in smoker healthy group. There was no significant difference between these genotypes. In our study groups, we did not find any 2-2 genotype in non-smoker healthy subject group while it has been found 4% and 8% in COPD and healthy smoker subject groups, respectively. Although we did not find any significant difference for protective effect of the 2 allele on the disease or susceptibility of 1F allele to COPD formation in COPD patients and smoker healthy subjects (p: 0.346, p: 0.249, respectively), the only significant difference was between the patient and the healthy non-smoker groups with 1S-1S genotype (p=0.032). Our results do not show any evidence that indicate a protective or susceptibility effect of VDBP 2 and 1F alleles in progression of COPD, respectively but results indicate that having the 1S-1S genotype may be associated with the etiology of COPD.

Key words: COPD, VDBP, genetic polymorphism, allele frequency

Med-Science. 2013; 2(1): 403-13

Medicine Science Vol:2 Issue:1 Year:2013 PP:363-499
Posted in Vol: 2 Issue: 1 Year: 2013 March pp: 363-499

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