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The Effect of the Serum Amino Acid Levels Thiosemicarbazone Derivatives and its Metal Complexes on Rats

Mustafa Karatepe, Dilara Kaman


Advers biological activities of Thiosemicarbazone (TSC) and Schiff base (SB) derivatives have been widely studied in rats and in other animal species using different doses, times and routes of administration. To date, no attempt has been made to study alterations occurring in the amino acid profile in the effects of the thiosemicarbazone derivative and its metal complexes on the rats. At this study, the rats were injected subcutaneously with a new thiosemicarbazone and its LH-Zn and LH-Cu complexes (25 mg/kg body weight) and then sacrified after 15th days. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of new compounds on the serum amino acid levels in rats. In the comparision done among groups, it was observed that serum amino acid concentrations were statistically changed (p < 0.05).

Key words: Thiosemicarbazone, metal Complex, amino acid

Med-Science. 2013; 2(2): 591-600

Medicine Science Vol:2 Issue:2 Year:2013 PP:500-648
Posted in Vol: 2 Issue: 2 Year: 2013 June pp: 500-648

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