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Anesthetic Approach in the Arnold Chiari Malformation Accompanied with Syringomyelia: Case Report [Siringomiyelinin Eslik Ettiği Arnold Chiari Malformasyonunda Anestezik Yaklaşım: Olgu Sunumu]

Mukadder Sanli, Mehmet Akif Durak, Bayram Sanli, Nurcin Gulhas, Hacer Gulerce, Mehmet Ozcan Ersoy


Arnold Chiari is a congenitally developed malformation. Syringomyelia is accompanied in some of the cases. Four types of malformation have been identified and type I is frequent in adults. Cerebellar tonsils are displaced downward from the foramen magnum in this type. In order to prevent tonsillar herniation, anesthesist should avoid central blocks and increasing intracranial pressure in the management of anesthesia. We aimed to rewiew the management of anesthesia in a patient with decompressioned Arnold Chiari type I malformation accompanied with siringomiyelia undergone to ureteral dilatation.

Key words: Syringomyelia, Arnold Chiari malformation, general anesthesia, ureteral dilatation

Med-Science. 2014; 3(3): 1538-44

Medicine Science Vol:3 Issue:3 Year:2014 PP:1343-1570
Posted in Vol: 3 Issue: 3 Year: 2014 September pp: 1343-1570

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