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An Unusual Case of Tracheobronchial Foreign Body Aspiration in a Laryngectomized Patient: Rolled Tissue

Nilay Tas, Hakan Korkmaz, Ozgur Yagan, Mukadder Korkmaz, Recep Akgedik


Tracheobronchial foreign body aspirations are the most common cause of acute respiratory obstruction and vital health problem that have to be diagnosed and managed immediately. Aspiration can lead to serious consequences up to respiratory arrest, if complete or near complete airway obstruction occurs or intervention is delayed. The existence of tracheal stoma after previous surgeries is an important factor that facilitates foreign body aspiration. In this article we present a case with total laryngectomy who aspirated roll of tissue when he tried to clean tracheal stoma. It is very important to keep in mind the possibility of foreign body aspiration through stoma in tracheotomized patients presented with respiratory comprimise. Immediate diagnosis and proper intervention of this situation is lifesaving.

Key words: Tracheal stoma, foreign body, aspiration

Med-Science. 2015; 4(2): 2263-70

Medicine Science Vol:4 Issue:2 Year:2015 PP:2087–2355
Posted in Vol: 4 Issue: 2 Year: 2015 June pp: 2087–2355

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