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The Relationship between Obesity and Oxidative Stress and Cardiac Markers

Pinar Baki Unver, Aysun Bay Karabulut, Ayse Cikim Sertkaya, Tugba Raika Kiran, Julide Yagmur


Obesity is one of the most even leading issue for the last era but however the reasons for this epidemic could not been explained clearly yet. We aimed to investigate the relationship between obesity, and myoglobin and homocysteine in means of cardiac markers and the levels of nitric oxide in means of oxidative stress and leptin. Study populations consisted of 30 patients with obesity and 30 healthy volunteers as control group. Serum nitric oxide, homocysteine, leptin and myoglobin were higher in obese individuals compared to controls. Nitric oxide level was related to myoglobin levels and seems to alter the myoglobin concentration. A negative and strong correlation was defined for myoglobin with both gender and age. There was a positive correlation between Body Mass Index and homocysteine. This is one of the studies investigating the relationship between nitric oxide as an oxidation marker homocysteine and myoglobin as cardiac markers, and leptin with obesity to lighten the complex relationship for the issue.

Key words: Obesity, nitric oxide, leptin, myoglobin, homocysteine

Med-Science. 2015; 4(2): 2087-97

Medicine Science Vol:4 Issue:2 Year:2015 PP:2087–2355
Posted in Vol: 4 Issue: 2 Year: 2015 June pp: 2087–2355

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