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Case Report

Transverse Testicular Ectopia: A Case Report

Caner Ediz, Bayram Kahraman, Cemal Tasdemir


Transverse testicular ectopia (TTE) is a rare scrotal anomaly occurring consequent to the migration of both gonads to the same hemiscrotum. In this case we aim to present a 24 years old male patient who has pain and swelling its diagnosed Transverse Testicular Ectopia in our clinic

Key words: Transverse testicular ectopia, diagnosis, treatment

Med-Science. 2015; 4(3): 2559-63

Medicine Science Vol:4 Issue:3 Year:2015 PP:2356-2699
Posted in Vol: 4 Issue: 3 Year: 2015 September pp: 2356-2699

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