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Closure of tympanic membrane perforations using repeated trichloracetic acid

Ozer Erdem Gur, Serdar Ensari, Nevreste Didem Sonbay, Nuray Ensari, Serdar Celikkanat, Osman Fatih Boztepe


Our aim in this study is to show the efficacy of trichloracetic acid cauterization in the tympanic membrane perforations. Between January 2002 and January 2012 central perforations in 160 ears of 142 cases were tried to be closed by repeated trichloracetic acid cauterization in one week interval followed by the placement of a piece of cigarette paper to the perforation site. In 98 of 137 ears (71.5 %) that followed-up for a desired period of time, perforation was closed after an average of 4.2 applications. No statistical relation was found between the success of treatment, and the age of patient, the site of perforation and previous history of otorrhea. It was shown that the width of perforation is an important factor in the success of treatment.

Key words: Trichloracetic acid, perforation, tympanic membrane

Med-Science. 2016; 5(2): 544-6

Medicine Science Vol:5 Issue:2 Year:2016 PP:351-750
Posted in Vol: 5 Issue: 2 Year: 2016 June pp: 351–750

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