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Role of Neutrophil Lymphocyte Ratio at Preoperative Adenomysosis Diagnosis

Mehmet Kececioglu, Aytekin Tokmak, Esma Sarikaya, Tugban Seckin Kececioglu, Burak Akselim, Sezen Bozkurt Koseoglu, Burcu Kisa Karakaya


The aim of this study was to determine the predictive value of neutrophil lymphocyte ratio in the diagnosis of the adenomyosis.
Seventy two 72 perimenopausal patients who underwent hysterectomy and diagnosed as having any additional pathology except adenomyosis according to the histopathological evaluation of the surgical specimens constituted the study group. One hundred 1OO perimenopausal patients who underwent hysterectomy due to reasons and had normal findings without any organic pathology (like uterine descensus, dysfunctional uterine bleeding) constituted the control group. Parameters saved in from patient medical records for each case were as following: age, obstetric characteristics, hemoglobin, Neutrophil, lymphocyte, platelet, Mean Platelet Volume, Follicle stimulating hormone, cancer antigen 125, neutrophil lymphocyte ratio.
There were no statistically significant difference between the age, neutrophil, lymphocyte, platelet, FSH, Ca125 values. NLR was also higher in the study group (2,3±1,4) compared to the control group (2,1±1,0), but this difference was not statistically significant.

Key words: Adenomyosis,neutrophil lymphocyte ratio

Med-Science. 2016; 5(2): 426-31

Medicine Science Vol:5 Issue:2 Year:2016 PP:351-750
Posted in Vol: 5 Issue: 2 Year: 2016 June pp: 351–750

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