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Case Report

Scrotal Dermatofibroma in a Child: a Case Report

Tamer Sekmenli, Ilhan Ciftci


Dermatofibroma (DF) are common benign lesions located in the dermis or subcutaneous tissue with well defined borders, less than one centimeter, and generally seen in adults. It is extremely rare in children. In the current literature, to our best knowledge, there is not any dermatofibroma case in the scrotum of children. Hence, this case study is the first of its kind. The aim of the manuscript is present a pediatric case with a mass on scrotal in the light of the relevant literature.

Key words: Child, differential diagnosis, dermatofibroma, biopsy

Med-Science. 2016; 5(3): 873-7

Medicine Science Vol:5 Issue:3 Year:2016 PP:751–918
Posted in Vol: 5 Issue: 3 Year: 2016 September pp: 751–918

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