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Case Report

Three Cases of Burn Injury Due to Topical Ranunculus Use

Abuzer Coskun, Tugba Demir, Sedat Ozbay, Afsin Emre Kayipmaz, Osman Mahir Okur, Ilham Ozkan, Sevki Hakan Eren, Cemil Kavalci


Ranunculus (buttercup or mayflower) is an important plant species causing chemical irritation. It is one of the traditional treatment methods usually used for rheumatic disorders in Central Anatolia particularly in spring and summer months. Here we report three cases of burn injury that developed secondary to mayflower use. We are of the opinion that modern medical therapies should be preferred over herbal remedies since the benefits of the latter remains to be proved.

Key words: Burns, chemical, plants, toxic

Med-Science. 2016; 5(3): 838-44

Medicine Science Vol:5 Issue:3 Year:2016 PP:751–918
Posted in Vol: 5 Issue: 3 Year: 2016 September pp: 751–918

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