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Letter to the Editor

A Case of Tinea Incognito

Ragip Ismail Engin


A 62-year-old male farmer presented to our clinic with eruption and mild itching on the right hand. He stated that this eruption had begun 15 days previously and that he had presented to the local general practitioner. Dermatological examination revealed a lesion containing maculopapules approximately 6×7 cm in size on the dorsum of the right hand with mild margin activation and a very few occasional red squamae. Dermatophyte infection was primarily suspected. We learned from anamnesis that the drug previously administered was clobetasol dipropionate, raising the possibility of tinea incognito (TI). Native preparate was performed from the squamae on the lesion. Fungal hyphae were observed at microscopic examination. In describing this case diagnosed as TI, we wish to emphasize that specimens should be taken for microscopic examination with KOH in patients with a similar clinical appearance at differential diagnosis, and that treatment should be administered accordingly.

Key words: Tinea Incognito, case, immunosuppressive

Med-Science. 2016; 5(Supplement 1): 146-50

Medicine Science Vol:5 Supp. Year:2016 PP:1-223
Posted in Vol: 5 Supplement Year: 2016 pp: 1-223

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