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A Rare Case of Neurocysticercosis with an Isolated Central Nervous System Involvement in Turkey

Serkan Demir, Ergenekon Karagoz, Mehmet Guney Senol, Vedat Turhan


Neurocysticercosis (NCC) is frequently seen in Latin America, South East Asia and Africa, it is rare in Western Europe and Muslim countries. This case report is found to be valuable for presentation due to isolated CNS involvement of NCC, high cystic lesion load and resistance to the antihelmintic agents. NCC is rare in Muslim countries, it should be considered in differential diagnosis of the patients with cystic lesions in CNS.

Key words: Neurocysticercosis, antihelmintic agents, multiple cystic lesions

Med-Science. 2016; 5(Supplement 1): 158-61

Medicine Science Vol:5 Supp. Year:2016 PP:1-223
Posted in Vol: 5 Supplement Year: 2016 pp: 1-223

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