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Unilateral Atypic Foramen Ovale in Dried Human Skull: Surgical Importance of a Rare Bone Variation

Deniz Senol, Mahmut Cay, Nesibe Yilmaz, Mustafa Canbolat, Evren Kose, Davut Ozbag


Foramen ovale (FO) serves as an important landmark for neurosurgeons in the surgical procedures of the trigeminal nerve. FO is the transition point between intracranial and extracranial structures. The information about anatomical variations of foramen ovale have surgical importance in different methods such as percutaneous trigeminal rhizotomy, biopsy of cavernous sinus tumour and anaesthesia of the mandibular nerve. FO variation is quite rare. It is unknown by many researchers and clinicians. It is thought that divided FO variations emerge as a result of the ossification of pterygospinous ligament. Clinicians must know that such variation may occur in surgical operations on skull base.

Key words: Foraman ovale, variation, sphenoid bone, base of skull, ossification

Med-Science. 2016; 5(Supplement 1): 8-13

Medicine Science Vol:5 Supp. Year:2016 PP:1-223
Posted in Vol: 5 Supplement Year: 2016 pp: 1-223

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