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An odontogenic cyst causing facial asymmetry: a case report

Nuray Ensari, Ozer Erdem Gur, Mehmet Turker Ozturk, Ustun Osma, Omer Tarik Selcuk


Radicular cysts are inflammatory in character and the most frequently seen of odontogenic cysts. As they are generally seen to grow painlessly, the first finding may be facial asymmetry. Although seen in every age group, they are most often seen in males aged 20-60 years. The patient reported here presented with complaints of swelling in the right cheek. On the paranasal sinus computed tomography, a cyst appeared to be completely filling the maxillary sinus and this was totally excised with a Caldwell-Luc approach. In the differential diagnosis of cystic masses of the maxillary sinus, there may be confusion with odontogenic cysts. Imaging methods can clearly define the localisation of cystic lesions within the sinus cavity, growth direction, bone tissue loss associated with lysis and osteocondensation. To prevent recurrence, it is necessary to completely remove regenerated mucosa and the residual cyst epithelium.

Key words: Odontogenic cyst, maxillary cyst, facial asymmetry

Med-Science. 2016; 5(4): 1011-12

Medicine Science Vol:5 Issue:4 Year:2016 PP:919-1084
Posted in Vol: 5 Issue: 4 Year: 2016 December pp: 919-1084

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