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General anesthesia management in carotid endarterectomy surgery: a single center experience

Ahmet Selim Ozkan, Sedat Akbas, Mehmet Akif Dural, Osman Kacmaz, Mehmet Ozcan Ersoy, Mahmut Durmus


Carotid endarterectomy (CEA) is an effective surgery which is applied in order to reduce the risk of stroke associated with severe stenosis of the carotid artery. Anesthesia management is important in these patients due to high incidence of cardiovascular disease and studies are in progress for ideal anesthesia management. In this study, we aimed to share our experience in carotis endarterectomy and evaluate the clinical outcomes and review retrospectively.
Patients informations were obtained from the patients and anesthesia records. Age, ASA physical status, Mallampati score (MP), anesthesia and surgery duration, ICU and discharge time, blood transfusion rate, anesthetic and analgesic drugs, invasive procedures, complications, smoking, stenosis side and ratio, comorbid conditions of patients and drugs were recorded. The mean age of patients was 67.19±1.07 (33-98). It was evaluated that 44 patients (61.2%) were ASA II, 28 patients (38.8%) were ASA III. It was recorded that mean duration of anesthesia was 226.25 ± 37.99 min, duration of surgery was 195.83±38 min, ICU stay was 2.45 ± 2.52 days and hospital stay time was 5.23 ± 2.77 days. 29 of patients (40.3%) were smokers and 7 of patients (9.7%) were identified as secondary smokers. The mortality rate was 6.9% (5 patients). Clinical experience and outcome data from our study are consistent with the literature. In CEA surgery, anesthetic technique that is safe enough to guide the evidence is not there yet. Experience of the anesthesiologist and the surgeon as surgical anesthetic management of CEA is an important point to be noted that the current developments in the patient’s characteristics and monitoring.

Key words: Carotid endarterectomy, general anesthesia, vascular surgery, anesthesia management

Med-Science. 2017; 6(1): 41-5

Medicine Science Vol:6 Issue:1 Year:2017 PP:1-181
Posted in Vol: 6 Issue: 1 Year: 2017 March pp: 1–181

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