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Protective effect of Nigella sativa oil against thioacetamide-induced liver injury in rats

Kevser Tanbek, Elif Ozerol, Sedat Bilgic, Mustafa Iraz, Nurhan Sahin, Cemil Colak


antioxidant which is known to have liver protective effects, against thioacetamide (TAA)-induced liver injury. Accordingly, we aimed to investigate the toxicity of a hepatotoxic agent, thioacetamide, compared the NSO and NAC liver preventive effects in experimental animal model. Wistar-albino rats were randomly allocated to five groups, each consisting of eight rats, and were subjected to different treatment regimens for 6 days. Alanine aminotransferase (ALT), malondialdehyde (MDA), and protein carbonyl (PC) levels decreased significantly by NSO treatment (P

Key words: Liver, N-acetylcysteine (NAC), Nigella sativa oil (NSO), Thioacetamide (TAA), ROS

Med-Science. 2017; 6(1): 96-103

Medicine Science Vol:6 Issue:1 Year:2017 PP:1-181
Posted in Vol: 6 Issue: 1 Year: 2017 March pp: 1–181

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