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A new member of the myokine family: Irisin

Cigdem Tekin, Suat Tekin, Suleyman Sandal


Skeletal muscle is an important tissue which functions as an endocrine organ and secretes the factors called myokine. Irisin is a thermogenic peptide which has been recently defined as a new myokine. The physiological roles of these peptides have been revealed in recent studies. The purpose of this review is to explain the known physiological roles of irisin.

Key words: Irisin, myokine, endocrine system, energy metabolism, physiological roles

Med-Science. 2017; 6(2): 379-83

Medicine Science Vol:6 Issue:2 Year:2017 PP:182-388
Posted in Vol: 6 Issue: 2 Year: 2017 June pp: 182-388

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