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Investigation of HBV DNA in HBsAg positive patients

Nihal Secil Bati, Mehmet Sait Tekerekoglu, Yucel Duman


Hepatitis B virus is an important health problem which about 400 million people are infected chronically and 500,000 to 1,200,000 people die every year due to HBV-related diseases. In the study we aimed to investigate the HBV DNA results in HBsAg positive patients. HBsAg positivity was detected by ELISA method in patients who were admitted to our hospital with suspicion of hepatitis. HBV DNA was performed by real time PCR. In this context, the presence of HBV DNA in serum sample results of 2437 HBsAg-positive patients which were sent to our Microbiology laboratory between August 2014 and August 2015 was retrospectively examined. HBV DNA was positive in 1037 (42.5%) and 1400 (57.5%) of the HBsAg positive cases. 42.2% of male patients’ and 43% of female patients’ HBV DNA was positive. HBV DNA positivity was detected in 42% of adult patients and 55% of children in child age group. As a result; we suggest that viral replication should be demonstrated in HBsAg-positive cases and HBV DNA level should be determined for follow-up the antiviral therapy.

Key words: HBV, HBsAg, HBV DNA, Real-time PCR

Med-Science. 2017; 6(4): 706-709

Medicine Science Vol:6 Issue:4 Year:2017 PP:614-792
Posted in Vol: 6 Issue: 4 Year: 2017 December pp: 614-792

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