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Questioning the use of tourniquets in carpal tunnel surgery and determining ideal level

Cengiz Aldemir, Fatih Duygun


Our aim was to determine if tourniquet use was a requirement in CTS release surgery, by evaluating patients in which tourniquets were used at different levels and patients in which tourniquets were not used during surgery. A total of 48 patients were included in the study. Eighteen patients had bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. In these patients, the surgery of one side was performed with a forearm tourniquet, while the other side was performed with the conventional upper arm tourniquet. Thirty patients underwent carpal tunnel release surgery without a tourniquet. The duration of surgery, heart rate, blood pressure, pain status (visual analogue scale) of all patients, and the blood loss of patients who underwent surgery without a tourniquet were recorded. When the tourniquet and no-tourniquet groups were compared, there were no significant differences in terms of pain and physiological response. However, patient satisfaction was higher in the no-tourniquet group while operation times were longer. We believe that the local anesthetic + epinephrine without tourniquet method is advantageous compared to the other methods.

Key words: Carpal tunnel syndrome, tourniquet

Med-Science. 2017; 6(4): 753-755

Medicine Science Vol:6 Issue:4 Year:2017 PP:614-792
Posted in Vol: 6 Issue: 4 Year: 2017 December pp: 614-792

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