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Does Osteoporosis with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetoporosis) increase the risk of fracture?

Raikan Buyukavci, Semra Akturk, Yuksel Ersoy


Our aim was to investigate whether the association of diabetes and osteoporosis caused an increased risk of fracture or not. The study included 120 patients with osteoporosis aged between 40-90 years. Age, gender, body mass index (BMI), history of fracture and presence of Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) were recorded. 10-year major fracture and hip fracture risks were calculated with FRAX-WHO Fracture Risks Assessment Tool. Bone mineral density (BMD) measurements were made from femur neck and lumbar 1-4 vertebrae. All of the 120 patients included in the study, 21 were male and 99 were female. Twenty patients had T2DM diagnosis. The patient group with T2DM was older than the non-T2DM group in terms of mean age (p0.05). The number of patients with previous history of fracture was 24, and two of them were suffering from T2DM. In this study, Our results showed that osteoporosis with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus may not significantly affect the fracture risk. The relationship between diabetes and bone metabolism should be screened in larger quantities, and T2DM should be positioned among the algorithms that assess the risk of fracture.

Key words: Osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes mellitus, fracture risk

Med-Science. 2018; 7(1): 62-64

Medicine Science Vol:7 Issue:1 Year:2018 PP:1–246
Posted in Vol: 7 Issue: 1 Year: 2018 March pp: 1–246

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