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Risk models for patients undergoing robotic surgery, minimal invasive heart surgery and open-heart surgery

Habib Cakir, Ismail Yurekli, Koksal Donmez, Hasan Iner, Ihsan Peker, Erturk Karaagac, Ozcan Gur, Mert Kestelli


In this study; we tried to compile risk scoring systems (Original EuroSCORE, EuroSCORE II and STS) used in robotic surgery, minimally invasive cardiac surgery and open-heart surgery in the context of the literature.As a result, literature study of risk scoring systems in the robotic surgery was not found. In minimally invasive cardiac surgery, few studies are available. The effectiveness of existing risk scoring systems has not been established in these studies. Therefore, further investigations are required for developing risk scoring systems in robotic surgery and minimally invasive cardiac surgery. In open heart surgery, there is still no “gold standard” scoring system in all populations. Due to the increased case diversity, we believe that the commonly used risk scoring systems must be updated. Widely used risk-scoring systems are not effective in minimally invasive cardiac surgery and this is supporting our idea. Each clinic should choose the appropriate risk scoring system according to their own experience and case diversity.

Key words: Robotic surgery, minimal invasive heart surgery, heart surgery, risk model

Med-Science. 2018; 7(4): 959-61


Medicine Science Vol:7 Issue:4 Year:2018 PP:724-966
Posted in Vol: 7 Issue: 4 Year: 2018 December pp: 1–246

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