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Protective effects of curcumin on liver damage in rats treated with chlorpyrifos during pregnancy

Dilek Sagir


The purpose of this study is to examine the damage that chlorpyrifos, which is a type of pesticide commonly used in agriculture, will cause in the livers of rats during the gestation period and to examine to what extent and in which direction curcumin, an antioxidant, influences this damage. For this purpose, four groups of animals as the control, chlorpyrifos, curcumin and chlorpyrifos+curcumin were used in the study. During their pregnancy, curcumin (100mg/kg) and chlorpyrifos (5 mg/kg) were given to rats (Wistar Albino) through lavage. After the birth, perfusion was performed to rats under deep anaesthesia and their livers were removed. After the livers were fixated with 10% buffered neutralized formalin, routine histological processes were performed All the tissues were embedded in paraffin and the tissue sections obtained were stained with hematoxylin eosin, periodical acid-Shiff (PAS) and Masson’s trichrome staining.
According to the results of the study, with the effect of chlorpyrifos, vesicular degeneration in the livers, enlargement, inflammation centres and necrotic cells in the sinusoids were observed. In addition, especially the increase in the collagen fibre amount around the portal areas and the decrease in glycogen storages around the central veins were remarkable. In the groups which were given only curcumin, no obvious changes were seen in the liver except for mild enlargements in the sinusoids. In groups which were given chlorpyrifos and curcumin together, less histopathological changes were seen when compared with groups which were given only chlorpyrifos.
With these results obtained, it can be said that curcumin, which is a free radical scavenger, decreases the oxidative damage of chlorpyrifos in the liver by inducing its free radical formation.

Key words: Chlorpyrifos, curcumin, liver damage, pregnancy

Med-Science. 2019; 8(3): 586-91

Medicine Science Vol:8 Issue:3 Year:2019 PP:489-773
Posted in Vol: 8 Issue: 3 Year: 2019 September pp: 489-773

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