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Evaluation of preparation methods for orally disintegrating tablets

Yagmur Akdag, Tugba Gulsun, Nihan Izat, Meltem Cetin, Levent Oner, Selma Sahin


Oral disintegrating tablets (ODT) are orally administered solid dosage forms commonly used in pediatric and geriatric patients with difficulty in swallowing. The lack of need for water during the use of ODTs is another advantage that increases patient compliance. Many methods are used for the production of ODTs such as direct compression (DC), freeze-drying (FD), spray drying, 3-D printing, melt granulation, phase transition process, molding, sublimation, mass extrusion, cotton candy process. Since the ODTs produced are aimed to disintegrate and dissolve rapidly, and consequently act quickly, the production method parameters need to be optimized in line with the critical product parameters. In this study, the most widely used manufacturing methods (especially DC and FD) for ODT and in vitro quality control tests of ODT are evaluated.

Key words: Orally disintegrating tablets, direct compression, freeze drying, spray drying, disintegration, dissolution

Med-Science. 2020; 9(1): 265-9


Medicine Science Vol:9 Issue:1 Year:2020 PP:1–288
Posted in Vol: 9 Issue: 1 Year: 2020 March pp: 1–288

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