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Comparison of biochemical parameters of prevalent hemoglobinopathies with healthy individuals

Emrah Yerlikaya, Hasan Karagecili, Mustafa Oguzhan Kaya


Thalassemia is the most frequently seen monogenetic disorders around the world that is inherited as a recessive single-gene disease, resulting from mutations in α-or β-globin gene clusters. In this study Beta Thalassemia Intermedia, Beta Thalassemia Minor, Sickle Cell Disease patients and the healthy control individuals both incidence and serum parameters were examined and analyzed retrospectively between 2015-2017 from Public Health information system. Beta Thalassemia Intermedia, Beta Thalassemia Major, Beta Thalassemia Minor and Sickle Cell Disease patient groups incidences were evaluated on the basis of their HPLC analysis. Patients and control groups serum parameters levels were analyzed from their autoanalyzer results. These serum biochemical tests datas were controlled and taken from Siirt Public Health Centre information system. In each year, there were recorded approximately 12 Beta Talassemia patients, 2 Beta Thallassemia Major patients, 340 Beta Thalassemia Minor patients and 33 Sickle Cell Disease patients.Beta Thalassemia Intermedia patients serum parameters levels were compared with Beta Thalassemia Minor Patients serum parameters and control group serum levels. There were seen statisticaly significant difference between Beta Thalassemia Intermedia patient’s serum ast, albumin, creatine, amylase, phosphor, iron, iron binding capacity, total protein, sodium, bilirubin direct, bilirubin total, LDH level and control serum parameters levels, p

Key words: Hemoglobinopathy, beta thalassemia ıntermedia, anemia, beta thalassemia minor

Med-Science. 2020; 9(3): 708-13

Medicine Science Vol:9 Issue:3 Year:2020 PP:526–801
Posted in Vol: 9 Issue: 3 Year: 2020 September pp: 526–801

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