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Demographic and clinical features of Covid-19 cases in Serik, Turkey

Mustafa Altintas, Gulsum Akdeniz, Bilgehan Gurbuz, Yusuf Kara, Osman Celbis


There is a need for new research on the Covid-19 outbreak that affects the whole world. This study is presented as the first in a series of cases exist in Turkey. Our aim was to investigate the demographic and clinical features of Covid-19 patients and contribute to the development of new strategies. The medical records of 56 patients diagnosed with Covid-19 in Serik State Hospital, a pandemic hospital in Turkey, have been retrospectively evaluated up until May 31, 2020. The demographic and clinical characteristics as well as radiological and laboratory data of the patients were followed up until June 5, 2020 and compared with the data published in the literature. Thirty of the patients were male and twenty-six were female. Mean age was 41.3, average height was 163.5 cm and mean weight was 70.4 kg. Mean body mass index was 25.8. Twenty five patients had a chronic disease and twenty two patients were smokers. The most common clinical symptoms were fever (62.5%), cough (41.1%) and shortness of breath (21.4%). There were no active complaints in twenty four of the patients. Radiologically, nineteen patients had multifocal ground-glass opacity. The most prevalent laboratory findings were lymphopenia (30.3%), CRP elevation (62.5%) and AST elevation (42.8%). The findings of twenty three patients were normal. Forty seven patients were Rh positive, and nine patients were Rh negative. The Covid-19 epidemic continues with its global effects and affect people at various degrees. There are no clear clinical results and treatment options yet. Therefore, larger studies are needed.

Key words: Covid-19, Coronaviruses, pandemic Turkey

Med-Science. 2020; 9(3): 657-61

Medicine Science Vol:9 Issue:3 Year:2020 PP:526–801
Posted in Vol: 9 Issue: 3 Year: 2020 September pp: 526–801

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