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Evaluation of home accidents of forensic nature among children

Nusret Ayaz, Kasim Turgut, Muhammet Gokhan Turtay, Taner Guven, Mucahit Oruc, Osman Celbis


To examine the clinical and demographic characteristics of forensic home accidents and fatal injuries. Hospital and forensic records were examined and patients aged ≤16 years, referred to our hospital after a home accident, were included in the study. The age, gender, type of injury, injured body area, month of accident, outcome, and department of admission were recorded for each patient. Then, the forensic records were examined and the cases were divided into two groups as those with and without fatal injuries.The characteristics of the two groups were compared using the chi-square test, and the statistical differences were determined.In a three-year period, a total of 453 home accidents considered to be forensic cases were identified. The mortality rate was calculated as 1.8%, and according to the forensic reports, 33.3% of the cases had fatal injuries.While blunt traumas were most common with a rate of 54.1%, burn injuries were found to be most fatal (p

Key words: Accident, children, fatal injury

Med-Science. 2020; 9(4): 1032-5

Medicine Science Vol:9 Issue:4 Year:2020 PP:802–1112
Posted in Vol: 9 Issue: 4 Year: 2020 December pp: 802–1112

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