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Prevalence of Cyclospora cayetanensis and Cryptosporidium spp. children according to some variables

Emine Yurdakul Erturk, Ulku Karaman, Cemil Colak, Sahin Direkel, Yeliz Kasko Arici


In this study, the prevalence of Cyclospora cayetanensis and Cryptosporidium spp. were researched in children with parasitological investigations requested for a variety of reasons, regardless of immune status. The stool samples of 1057 pediatric patients with parasitological evaluation requested for a variety of reasons within two years were investigated under a microscopy using native-lugol, sedimentation and modified Kinyoun’s acid-fast stain methods. The mean age of the 1057 pediatric patients participating in the research were 8.07±4.32 years, 11.4% were identified to have coccidian parasites (Cyclospora cayetanensis and Cryptosporidium spp.). Evaluation according to age group found the majority of children positive for Cryptosporidium spp. were in the 6-12 year interval. These parasites were observed more frequently in the spring and summer seasons compared to other seasons. There was a significant correlation between parasite positivity and spring and summer seasons (p

Key words: Children, cryptosporidium, cyclospora, diarrhea, growth retardation

Med-Science. 2021; 10(2): 338-45

Medicine Science Vol:10 Issue:2 Year:2021 PP:272–669
Posted in Vol: 10 Issue: 2 Year: 2021 June pp: 272–669

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