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The effect of transurethral prostate resection due to benign prostate hyperplasia on sexual function

Sedat Tastemur, Mehmet Yilmaz, Yusuf Kasap, Erkan Olcucuoglu, Arslan Ardicoglu


Benign prostatic hyperplasia is an important health problem that is common in the society and negatively affects the quality of life of patients. In our study, we aimed to reveal the effects of transurethral prostate resection performed for benign prostatic hyperplasia on erectile functions and quality of sexual life. We include 56 patients to whom performed transurethral resection of prostate between January 2011, and January 2012 in Türkiye Yüksek İhtisas Training and Research Hospital, Clinic of Urology. The patients were administered the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS), International Erectile Function Index (IIEF-5), Sexual Quality of Life (SQoL-M) questionnaires before the operation and the ejaculation method was asked. These questionnaires were repeated in the 6th month after the operation and compared with the pre-operative questionnaires. The mean age of 56 patients included in the study was 66.2±7.09 years. The mean of the IIEF-5 questionnaire was 15.2±7.4, 14.19±8.42 before the operation and 6 months after the operation, respectively. The mean SQoL-M questionnaire of the patients was 64.1±31.9, 59.08±31.9 before the operation and 6 months after the operation, respectively. There was no statistically significant difference between the IIEF-5 and SQoL-M questionnaires performed before and at the 6th month after the operation. Surgery has an important role in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. While patients are being treated, they suffer from different complaints after surgery. For this reason, it is important to evaluate the treatment method and patients before and after the operation.

Key words: Erectile function, benign prostatic hyperplasia, transurethral prostate resection

Med-Science. 2021; 10(3): 698-701

Medicine Science Vol:10 Issue:3 Year:2021 PP:670–1086
Posted in Vol: 10 Issue: 3 Year: 2021 September pp: 670–1086

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