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The quality and the reliability of internet information in lumbar disc herniation

Ihsan Canbek, Usame Rakip, Serhat Yildizhan, Mehmet Gazi Boyaci, Hakan Ak, Adem Aslan


Internet is the most frequently used resource for health literacy. We aimed to investigate the quality and reliability of the internet sites which are the most easily accessible and the most frequently used information resources about the diseases of patients with lumbar disc hernia and lumbar hernia, in this study. All sites examined were analyzed with JAMA Benchmark Criteria and DISCERN. 28 sites were not included the study because they did not provide the inclusion criterias. The JAMA score of examined 72 websites was 1.7±0.8. Only one website’s JAMA score was 4. According to the JAMA Benchmark Criteria, the reliability of the remaining 71 websites reliabilities were doubtful. The DISCERN score of these 72 websites was 38±11.4. According to DISCERN, sites related to the subject were in poor quality. In conclusion, there are informations about lumbar disc hernia and lumbar hernia on the internet. However, the reliability of this informations are doubtful and poor quality. Since the society should have access to quality and reliable information, the ministry of health and associations should take a more active role in the internet.

Key words: JAMA Benchmark Criteria; DISCERN; lumbar disc herniation; internet

Med-Science. 2021; 10(3): 902-4

Medicine Science Vol:10 Issue:3 Year:2021 PP:670–1086
Posted in Vol: 10 Issue: 3 Year: 2021 September pp: 670–1086

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