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Is urotensin 2 levels related to disease progression in acromegaly

Faruk Kilinc, Nevzat Gozel, Bahri Evren, Zafer Pekkolay, Erkan Cakmak, Fethi Ahmet Ozdemir


The study aimed to compare serum Urotensin-2 stages in the patients having active acromegaly with healthy individuals and to reveal and discuss the possible effects of UII on vascular changes in acromegaly patients. In this prospective, serum urotensin stages of 30 active acromegalic patients who are followed up in the experienced adult endocrinology center were compared with the serum urotensin stages of 30 healthy volunteers. Patients’ IGF-1 along with GH were carefully measured by ECLIA method, and serum urotensin stages, by ELISA method. There was no variation between two groups comparing there age (p = 0.43). Patient group, mean GH was 6.60 ng / mL with mean IGF-1 stage of 355.2 ng / mL. The mean urotensin stage was 3.62±2.27 pmol / L in the acromegaly group, 4.82±2.87 pmol / L in the healthy control group. There was no significant positive correlation of urotensin with IGF-1 stages (r = 0.11, p>0.05). Similarly, the results did not display significant positive correlation urotensin stage with GH (r = 0.13, p>0.05). Serum urotensin-2 stage was lower in acromegaly patients compared to the healthy group (control) and this variation was not statistically significant.

Keywords: Urotensin-2, acromegaly, vasoconstriction, vasodilation

Med-Science. 2021; 10(4): 1534-7
Medicine Science Vol:10 Issue:4 Year:2021 PP:1087-1567
Posted in Vol: 10 Issue: 4 Year: 2021 December pp: 1087-1567

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