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Dirofilaria repens is a rare cause of red eye: A case report

Case Report

Dirofilaria repens is a rare cause of red eye: A case report

Erkan Bulut, Adem Gul, Mehmet Dokur, Fadime Eroglu


Dirofilaria is usually stable in cats and circulates as microfilaria. A human being is the final host (dead-end host), which often leads to human dirofilariasis. We present a case of Dirofilaria repens infection located in the bulbar subconjunctival space of a 53-year-old male who presented to the emergency department with red-eye. Slit-lamp examination revealed a white-colored motile worm in the subconjunctival space of the left eye along with redness, mild chemosis, and conjunctival elevation. The parasite was surgically removed and remained undamaged. There was no symptomatic recurrence following parasite removal. The present case report also emphasizes the typical clinical features of Diroflaria repens. Dirofilaria repens should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a persistent red-eye disease, especially if it is associated with the presence of a mobile foreign body.

Keywords: Dirofilaria repens, diagnosis, red eye, surgical removal

Medicine Science Vol:10 Issue:4 Year:2021 PP:1087-1567