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Giant adrenal endothelial Cyst: A case report

Case Report

Giant adrenal endothelial Cyst: A case report

Receiving Date: 23 April 2022

Accept Date: 21 May 2022

Available Online: 19.06.2022

doi: 10.5455/medscience.2022.04.102

Medicine Science 2022;11(3):1351-3

Conflict of interests: The authors declare that there is no conflict of interest in the study.
Financial Disclosure: The authors declare that they have received no financial support for the study.
Informed Consent: Written consent was obtained from the patient and his parents.

Figure 5. Cyst wall, lined by cuboidal to flat epithelial cells (sideway arrow). Cyst wall composed of fibro-collagenous tissue with dilated ectatic blood vessels (star) & nests of normal adrenal tissue is noted focally (downward arrow)

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Kumar M A, Roy N, Jafri H, et al. Giant adrenal endothelial Cyst: A case report. Med Science. 2022;11(3):1351-3

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Corresponding Author: Arun Kumar M, Armed Forces Medical College, Department of Surgery, Pune, India.